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Covers nearly every aspect of business, including company histories and new product development. Citations include abstracts and indexes of significant articles from nearly 1,000 current business and management periodicals. Provides access to the ASCII full text of articles from 570 journals.

AGRICOLA--National Agriculture Library
Covers every major agricultural subject, including agricultural engineering and marketing, animal breeding, entomology, environmental pollution, farm management, foods and feeds, pesticides, rural sociology, veterinary medicine, and water resources. Citations consist of journal articles, book chapters, monographs, conference proceedings, serials, technical reports, and other materials on a range of agricultural topics.

AIDS and Cancer Research--Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
Provides access to cancer and AIDS research that is gathered from worldwide scientific literature as summarized and indexed in Virology & AIDS Abstracts, Oncogenes & Growth Factors Abstracts, and Immunology Abstracts.

AIDS and Cancer Research (with abstracts)--Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
Provides the same information as AIDS and Cancer Research and includes abstracts.

Applied Science & Technology Abstracts--H. W. Wilson Company
Leads users to the latest findings in every area of science, engineering, and technology. Covers trade and industrial publications, journals issued by professional and technical societies, and specialized subject periodicals.

Art Abstracts--H. W. Wilson Company
A dependable, comprehensive, and authoritative information source about the world of the arts from architecture to video. Covers 222 leading art publications from around the world and serves as a comprehensive record of art reproductions that appear in the indexed publications.

ArticleFirst® Database--OCLC
Contains bibliographic citations that describe items listed on the table of contents pages of more than 13,000 journals in science, technology, medicine, social science, business, the humanities, and popular culture. Each record describes one article, news story, letter, or other item.

Arts & Humanities Search--Institute for Scientific Information
The online equivalent of ISI's Arts & Humanities Citation Index. Provides complete access to articles from more than 1,300 of the world's leading arts and humanities journals and to relevant articles in over 5,000 social science and science journals.

ATLA Religion Database
The ATLA Religion Database is a comprehensive database designed to support religious and theological scholarship in graduate education and faculty research. The file contains citations from international titles and 13,000 multi-author works in and related to the field of religion. It also includes a full range of index citations to journal articles, essays in multi-author works, and book reviews from ATLA's print indexes: Religion Index One (RIO), Religion Index Two (RIT), and Index to Book Reviews in Religion (IBRR). Though coverage is from 1949 to the present, not all publications begin in 1949. The ATLA Religion Database is updated 2 times per year and is copyright, 1997-1999, by the American Theological Library Association. All rights reserved.

A subset, by journal title and year, of BIOSIS Previews. Provides information on recent developments in 96 subject areas of the biological and biomedical sciences covering the most prestigious journals. Available in U.S. only.

Biography Index--H. W. Wilson Company
Cites more than 2,700 periodicals and 1,800 books, including individual and collective biographies, as well as juvenile literature. Answers questions such as: What are Stephen King's roots in horror and the supernatural? What is the political history of Nelson Mandela?

Biological & Agricultural Index--H. W. Wilson Company
Provides information from groundwater pollution to genetic engineering and covers the entire range of sciences related to biology and agriculture. Indexes 226 key periodicals in the life sciences and agriculture. Includes current book reviews.

Biology Digest--Plexus Publishing
Covers all of the life sciences. Specially created to meet the needs of college undergraduates and high school students. Gives easy access to new scientific developments, with comprehensive abstracts of articles in over 300 journals.

Book Review Digest--H. W. Wilson Company
Provides instant access to book reviews from nearly 100 American and Canadian periodicals. Some 7,000 adult and children's books are reviewed and added to the list every year. Concise critical evaluations are culled from 95 selected journals in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences, as well as library review media.

Books in Print--Reed Reference Publishing
Provides complete, publisher­verified information on all U.S. books in print. Includes more than 900,000 new or revised records each year and covers scholarly, technical, popular, adult, juvenile, and reprint titles. Will soon include publisher information. Available in U.S. only, except by case­specific approval by database producer.

Business & Industry--Responsive Database Services, Inc.
A multi­industry, international database that provides access to company, industry, market, and product information. Covers over 600 leading trade and business sources. ASCII full­text articles are available online for more than half of those sources. Not available to corporations.

Business Organizations, Agencies, and Publications Directory--Gale Research, Inc.
A unique guide to international business information sources. Lists contact name, address, phone, and fax numbers, and a description of the organization's founding, membership, activities, and sources.

CA Student Ed--Chemical Abstracts Student Edition
Designed for undergraduate students, indexes and abstracts the most widely held chemistry journals, as well as over 200,000 dissertations. Chemical Abstracts Student Edition is updated weekly and is copyright, 1999, by the American Chemical Society. All rights reserved.

CINAHL--CINAHL Information Systems
The online version of Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature. Provides access to nearly 900 nursing, allied health, biomedical, and consumer health journals. Also includes books, dissertations, standards of professional practice, and educational software. Includes abstracts for over 300 journals that date to January 1986.

Consumers Index--The Pierian Press, Inc.
A subject index to the contents of over 100 periodicals. The database provides information categorized from general (the home) to more specific (automobiles), by periodical (Consumer Reports), or by a specific brand name (Coca­Cola). The information included consumers, librarians and library users, business professionals, and educational instructors. Soon Consumers Index records will include Web site addresses linked to the FirstSearch Web interface so that users can access free full­text articles.

Contemporary Women's Issues with full text
Provides full text access to global information on women. Journals, newsletters, research reports from non-profit groups, government and international agencies, along with fact sheets are easily accessed through CWI. Information on women in over 150 countries is compiled in a single collection bringing together such disciplines as sociology, psychology, health, education and human rights. The Contemporary Women's Issues database is updated weekly and is copyright, 1999, by RDS Responsive Database Services, Inc.

ContentsFirst® Database--OCLC
Contains the table of contents pages and holdings information from more than 13,000 journals in science, technology, medicine, social science, business, the humanities, and popular culture. Although most of the journals are published in English, journals in other languages are also included.

DataTimes--Data Times Corporation
Provides an index of articles from some 100 U.S. newspapers. Includes The Christian Science Monitor and Commerce Business Daily, plus nearly 30 international newspapers.

Disclosure Corporate Snapshots--Disclosure, Inc.
A database of approximately 11,000 U.S. companies filing with the SEC. The database contains: summary data, at least two years of selected balance sheets and income statement items, segment data, five­year summaries, price/earnings/dividend data, comments, subsidiaries, filings lists, and offer tables. Indexed fields include: Auditor, Comments, Company name, City, State, ZIP, Description of business, Stock exchange, Fortune number, Officers, SIC codes, and Subsidiaries.

Dissertation Abstracts--UMI
Covers every doctoral dissertation completed in the U.S. at accredited institutions for the last 150 years. Includes some master's theses and foreign language dissertations.

EconLit--American Economic Association
Contains citations, with abstracts, to articles from more than 400 economics journals. In addition, subject indexing and abstracts of books and subject indexing of dissertation titles are included. Corresponding printed sources are: Journal of Economic Literature, Index of Economic Articles, and Cambridge University Press Abstracts of Working Papers in Economics.

Education Abstracts--H. W. Wilson Company
Whether you're an education major, a teacher, a professor, or a college administrator, you need Education Abstracts' thorough and reliable indexing of some 400 leading periodicals. Encompasses all areas of concern to today's educators, including administration, teaching methods, and curriculum.

Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management--Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
A database of key areas of environmental science, including toxic hazards of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other substances; air, marine, and freshwater pollution as well as biochemical applications in water treatment and pollution are also covered.

Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management (with abstracts)--Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
Provides the same information as Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management and includes abstracts.

EventLine--Elsevier Science Publishing Company
A multidisciplinary, multinational database containing information on past and coming events. Provides data related to conventions, symposia, exhibitions, trade fairs, and major sporting events. Can be used to find dates and locations of vital meetings, plan a marketing strategy, assist in travel planning, compile statistics on trends in meetings, etc. Covers all the sciences, industry and business, and major sporting events.

FactSearch--The Pierian Press, Inc.
Based on the printed publication, citation bibliographic A Matter of Fact. Each record contains a for an item, an abstract containing facts and statistics with a reference to their original source, and library holdings. The information comes from over 300 publications--including newspapers, periodicals, the congressional hearings. Additionally, FactSearch Congressional Record, and records include Web site addresses; from the FirstSearch Web, users can access free full­text information.

FastDocTM Database--OCLC
FastDoc covers over 900,000 articles from more than 1,000 journals, virtually 100 percent of which are readily available online.

General Science Abstracts--H. W. Wilson Company
Covers some 140 titles, including areas of astronomy, biology, botany, chemistry, earth science, environmental issues, mathematics, medicine, physics, and zoology.

GEOBASE--Elsevier Science Publishers
Contains citations with abstracts covering worldwide literature on geography, geology, ecology, international development, and their related disciplines. Subject coverage includes cartography, climatology, energy, environment, geomorphology, hydrology, photogrammetry, sedimentology, geochemistry, geophysics, paleontology, petrology, volcanology, and much more.

GeoRef--American Geological Institute
Contains earth science references and the index terms that describe them. More than 4,000 journals in 40 languages are regularly scanned. New books, maps, and reports are also scanned.

GPO Monthly Catalog--U. S. Government Printing Office
Consists of records published by the GPO since July 1976. Includes references to congressional committee reports and hearings, debates, documents from executive departments, and more.

H.W. Wilson Biographies**--H.W. Wilson Company
Provides access to biographical profiles of thousands of notable persons and authors worldwide who are covered in the monthly serial publication, "Current Biography" and in the "Wilson Author Biographies" series. The ASCII full text of each biographical profile is available online for the "Wilson Author Biographies" series and for "Current Biography," from 1983.

H.W. Wilson Select**--H.W. Wilson Company
Will include more than 430 periodical titles. All records in the database will have companion ASCII full text.

Humanities Abstracts--H. W. Wilson Company
Long regarded as the ideal single reference for periodical information in the diverse subject area of the humanities, Humanities Abstracts is a wonderful complement to the monographic resources accessible via WorldCat (the OCLC Online Union Catalog).

Index to Legal Periodicals & Books--H. W. Wilson Company
Provides thorough, reliable indexing of over 570 journals, yearbooks, law reviews, and bar association publications. Covers all areas of jurisprudence, including court decisions, legislation, and original scholarship.

INSPEC--Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE)
The largest English­language file of bibliographic information and abstracts on the world's output of published works in physics, electrical engineering and electronics, computing, and information technology. Covers scientific and technical journals and conference proceedings. Includes some books, reports, and dissertations.

Library Literature--H. W. Wilson Company
The definitive index in the library and information science fields. Indexes some 220 periodicals and more than 600 monographs per year.

MDX Health Digest--Medical Data Exchange
Contains citations with abstracts of health articles, written in language suitable for the general public. Nearly 200 publications are covered, in five major categories: newsletters, magazines, and bulletins; newspapers; general interest magazines; medical journals; and medical school and hospital publications.

MEDLINE --U. S. National Library of Medicine
Covers all areas of medicine, including clinical medicine, experimental medicine, dentistry, nursing, health services administration, nutrition, and much more. Indexes over 3,500 journals (most with abstracts).

Microcomputer Abstracts--Learned Information, Inc.
The oldest and largest online database with a personal computer focus, covering the use of microcomputers in education, business, industry, and the home. Citations include abstracts of feature articles, news, columns, programs, product announcements, and product reviews (of software, hardware, and books) from over 75 widely read microcomputer publications.

MLA Bibliography--Modern Language Association of America
Indexes critical literary and language scholarship and provides access to over 4,000 journals and serials published worldwide, as well as books, essay collections, working papers, proceedings, dissertations, and bibliographies. Nearly 45,000 records are added annually.

NetFirstTM Database--OCLC
Contains bibliographic citations--complete with summary descriptions and subject headings--describing Internet­accessible resources, including World Wide Web pages, interest groups, library catalogs, FTP sites, Internet services, Gopher servers, electronic journals, and newsletters. Records contain location information that can be used to connect users to resources of interest.

The New York Times--New York Times
Offers full text of within published The New York Times newspaper articles. Includes all articles 90 days for delivery as ASCII full­text documents. An abstract and index database is maintained with coverage from January 1994 to the present.

Newspaper Abstracts--UMI
A complete business and general reference resource. Indexes and abstracts more than 25 U.S. and regional newspapers, including The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and USA Today. The Wall Street Journal (Eastern edition) is indexed beginning Jan 1, 1990..

OCLC Union Lists of PeriodicalsTM Database**--OCLC
Includes more than 7 million listings linked to over 750,000 bibliographic records in WorldCat. The listings provide local holdings information so that users can search for locations of periodicals in their own and other libraries.

PAIS Decade--Public Affairs Information Service, Inc.
Represents the last ten years of the PAIS (Public Affairs Information Service) database, which covers the spectrum of public policy/public affairs information most relevant to researchers, students, administrators, legislators, and business and financial decision­makers.

PapersFirst® Database--OCLC
Provides access to individual papers presented at conferences worldwide. A major research aid covering every congress, symposium, exposition, workshop, and meeting added to The British Library Document Supply Centre's vast proceedings collection since October 1993. Users may order the full text of papers cited in PapersFirst from The British Library using the FirstSearch online ordering service.

PRO CD Biz--PRO CD, Inc.
Contains approximately 18 million records of white page listings for businesses. The data is compiled from current white page listings from U.S. telephone directories that are updated annually.

PRO CD Home--PRO CD, Inc.
Contains approximately 80 million records of white page listings for residences. The data is compiled from current white page listings from U.S. telephone directories that are updated annually.

ProceedingsFirst® Database--OCLC
Provides tables of contents of papers presented at conferences worldwide. Each record contains a list of the papers presented at each conference. Like its companion, PapersFirst, ProceedingsFirst provides access to The British Library Document Supply Centre's vast collection of conference proceedings.

PsycFIRST--American Psychological Association
The most recent three years of the PsycINFO database which covers scholarly literature in these subject areas and more: experimental psychology (human, animal, and comparative), psychosexual behavior, educational psychology, applied psychology, and sports psychology. Includes original research and journal articles, literature reviews, reports of surveys, case studies, theoretical discussions, bibliographies, and descriptions of tests and apparatus. Indexed materials are selected from more than 1,300 journals published in 50 countries and 28 languages. Most records have abstracts.

Readers' Guide Abstracts--H. W. Wilson Company
Indexes a core list of abstracts of popular magazines central to any college, public library, or school collection.

RILM Abstracts of Music Literature-MusicaleLitterature International de -Repertoire
Offers an international bibliography of scholarly writings on music and related disciplines in 202 languages, including original language titles; title translations in English; full bibliographic information; abstracts in English; and author, journal, and subject indexes. Includes all forms of scholarly works.

Social Sciences Abstracts--H. W. Wilson Company
Covers some 350 core periodicals in the fields of anthropology, economics, geography, law and criminology, political science, social work, sociology, and international relations.

SocioAbs--Sociological Abstracts, Inc.
Contains records from 252 English­language journals, selected by Sociological Abstracts, Inc., on the basis of relevance to the traditional undergraduate sociology/social science curriculum. Included are journals such as AIDS and Public Policy Journal, Child Abuse and Neglect, and Social Forces.

Sociological Abstracts--Sociological Abstracts, Inc.
Contains records, with abstracts, from more than 1,900 journals covering all facets of sociology and related disciplines including anthropology, criminology, demography, education, law and penology, race relations, social psychology, and urban studies.

Wilson Business Abstracts--H. W. Wilson Company
Provides complete, accurate access to 345 of today's leading English­language business magazines. Topics include accounting, personnel, and small business. Abstracts are included.

WilsonSelect (H.W. Wilson's Select Full Text) - H. W. Wilson Company
WilsonSelect is a collection of indexed and abstracted records with accompanying full text from over 400 periodicals from H.W. Wilson's General Science Abstracts, Humanities Abstracts, Readers' Guide Abstracts and Wilson Business Abstracts. This represents at least 50% of the titles covered from each of the above Wilson files. This multidisciplinary approach includes 70% of the titles held by over 200 OCLC member libraries.

WorldCatTM Database (the OCLC Online Union Catalog)--OCLC
The world's most comprehensive bibliography, with 36 million bibliographic records representing 370 languages and covering information from 4,000 years of knowledge.

World Book Encyclopedia
The World Book Encyclopedia database is the online version of the 1998 World Book Encyclopedia, International Edition, consisting of more than 17,500 full-text articles and more than 1,000 tables contained in 21 volumes. The World Book Encyclopedia database is a requisite general reference tool for all public, academic, and special libraries. Note: this edition uses British spellings for many words. E.g. aeroplane for airplane, colour for color,etc. World Book Encyclopedia is updated annually and is copyright, 1998, by World Book, Inc.

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