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Digital Library Services provides consulting, applications, and infrastructure to help libraries create,
manage, and preserve digital content for the use of the university system.

Digital Library Services include:

Helping the state university libraries put digital collections online

   PALMM -- Publication of Archival, Library & Museum Materials
   Support for Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs)
   March 2007 State University System ETD Workshop
   Standards and guidelines for digitization, metadata, and mark-up.
   Cost-effective central storage facilities
   Tools for loading, storing, searching, and displaying digital objects

Grantwriting and coordinating grant funded projects

   Opening Archives: Improving Access to Primary Sources in Florida
   Enhanced Access to Special Collections

Hosting digital collections and indexes

   Ant Bibliography (FORMIS)
   Archival Collections
   Eric Eustace Williams
   Everglades Digital Library
   Florida Environments Online
   Florida Heritage Collection
   Florida Historical Legal Documents
   Florida Historical Quarterly
   Florida on Florida
   Linking Florida’s Natural Heritage
   Literature for Children
   Miami Metropolitan Archive
   Milemarkers: Linking Keys Heritage
   Psychological Study of the Arts
   Reclaiming the Everglades
   Sea Turtle Bibliography
   Southwest Florida Environmental Documents
   Textual Collections
   Type Specimens in the University of Florida Herbarium
   University of Florida Herbarium Collections Catalog
   Visual Collections
   World Map Collections
   Yiddish Children's Books

Providing tools for managing digital resources over time

   FCLA Digital Archive
   Usage statistics for digital collections
   Naming services -- FCLA PURL server
   Open Archives Initiative (OAI) data provider (broker)
   Open Archives Initiative (OAI) service provider

Making scholarly journals accessible on the web

   The Florida Entomologist
   The Journal of Nematology
   Nematologia Mediterranea
   Proceedings of the Florida State Horticultural Society
   Insecta Mundi

The Digital Library Services Group:
DL Group Picture
Back: Lu Ai, Astrid Terman, Jason Gomez, Manny Rodriguez, Franco Lazzarino, Randy Fischer.

Front: Maureen Kelly, Liang Zhong, Jennifer Childree, Carol Chou, Priscilla Caplan.

Missing: Chuck Thomas, Tennille Herron


Base number for extensions: (352)-392-9020

Archival Collections -- Chuck Thomas x264
Digital Archive -- Priscilla Caplan x324
Digitool-- Priscilla Caplan x324
EADs -- Chuck Thomas x264
Electronic Journals -- Jason Gomez x270
ETDs -- Lu Ai x274
Florida Digital Archive -- Priscilla Caplan x324
Finding Aid Class -- Chuck Thomas x264
Florida Electronic Library -- Priscilla Caplan x324
Florida Entomologist -- Jason Gomez x270
Full text (SGML) -- Lu Ai x274
Image Class -- Astrid Terman x325
Maps -- Astrid Terman x325
MrSid -- Jason Gomez x270
Nematology Journals -- Jason Gomez x270
Open Archives Initiative (OAI) -- Lu Ai x274
Photographs -- Astrid Terman x325
Sid Server -- Jason Gomez x270
Text Class -- Lu Ai x274
Textual Collections -- Lu Ai x274
Visual Collections -- Astrid Terman x325

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